Taking care of all the licenses and permits necessary to develop and operate a renewable system, complying with the time scheduling of the every project. Undertakes the setting up of the corresponding Special Purpose Company (SPC), on behalf of which all the permitting will be submitted. Besides, UNIVERGY, in conjunction with its local business partners, conducts the selection of every possible site for the PV projects, visiting and analyzing the land to carry out the corresponding feasibility studies and risk assessments, in which a lot of parameters are taken into account.

Once an ideal location is decided, Univergy Development enters into the negotiations with the landowner to the land lease or purchase agreement.


offers expertise in construction, commissioning and operation of both photovoltaic and wind systems. These range from the small rooftop installations to large ground mounted PV parks, which is a result of the combination of many years of experience creating turnkey photovoltaic projects all over the world and market knowledge.

Professionalism, great quality, the latest technology, faithful partnerships with our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, investors and debt lenders are core fundamental values in the Company’s identity.


Is the division specializing in Geomatics applied to the renewable energy sector and Civil Works. With entrepreneurial profile, able to diversify services to any sector where the spatial or geographic component of land is important. We have the most modern technology and a multidisciplinary team of high qualification, expertise and experience. Solutions in the development of engineering projects.

Some of our areas : GIS , Photogrammetry , Surveying , UAV - UAS , Surveying and civil works design . We are consultants from other departments of engineering companies. Remarkable is the innovative component of collaboration with technology and research centers , resulting in the provision of innovative products and quality certified.


OM ("operation and maintenance") knows to get the best production results it is necessary monitoring the PV plant performance. Taking into account the effect of the weather (irradiance and temperature) we can verify the real performance of the plant. There are many failures that affect the production in different ways (Mild/Grave). Monitoring allow detect failures and optimize maintenance through: